A turquoise lover's gift guide for every style and budget. Calli Co. Silver A turquoise lover's gift guide for every style and budget. Calli Co. Silver

Gifts for the Minimalist

Discover the perfect gifts for the minimalist in your life with our Simple & Dainty Turquoise and Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection. Each piece is meticulously crafted, offering timeless elegance and understated beauty

Gifts for the Fanatic

Explore our exquisite Bold & Stunning Turquoise Jewelry Collection, perfect for passionate enthusiasts. Our signature pieces make exceptional gifts for the extreme turquoise lover in your life, created with the finest stones and superior artistry, ensuring a truly memorable and cherished present.

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Best Selling Gifts

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Give a gift of turquoise and sterling silver jewelry to the ones you love this 2023 holiday season. 

Providing authentic turquoise and sterling silver jewelry for gifting is our forte. Few experiences are as gratifying as witnessing a genuine smile when someone unveils a meticulously chosen present, especially when it perfectly embodies their unique style.

Explore our collections today!

With the Calli Co Silver Gift Guide you are sure to find something that fits every style and budget. Here you can find gifts for every woman on your list and discover the art of meaningful gift giving with one of a kind turquoise and sterling silver jewelry. 


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